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Our main product, SensoCor, is an advanced multi-sensor device specifically designed for monitoring and analyzing heart signals. This wearable technology captures vital cardiac data, including ECG, PPG, and PCG, providing a comprehensive view of cardiac health. With its precise data collection and AI-powered analysis, our device offers accurate insights and personalized recommendations, empowering users to proactively manage their cardiac well-being.

They provide an up-to-date overview of heart failure, analyze the current technological methods in use, and engage in a discussion on how we can enhance this process through the application of artificial intelligence in modern devices."

Who are we helping?

Medical staff


Providing medical attention to individuals with greater urgency or necessity.


Less consultancy and less hospitalization.


doctor app view

Improved resource management.



 Detect at time the problem so avoids the hospitalization.

Controlled Self-care 

 Give a segmented view of all the monitored process.

Time saver

 No need to go to the hospital for a check-up.

patient app view

Why choose SensoCor?

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